Experience Fresh Terps Wherever You Are!โ€‹

Our baller fridge is a device designed to keep your terps cool and fresh while on the go. Our fridge is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it perfect for events, travel, or outdoor adventures. We use advanced cooling technology to keep your terps at an optimal temperature. With our baller fridge, you can enjoy the full flavor and potency of your terps anytime, anywhere.

Our baller fridge is particularly useful for enthusiasts who want to maintain the quality of their terps while traveling or in situations where a full-sized refrigerator or freezer is not available.

Our 7-hour battery life for our baller fridge is quite impressive and allows for extended use without needing to recharge. This makes it an excellent choice for longer trips and outdoor adventures where access to a power source may be limited. Swappable batteries in our baller fridge allow users to replace the batteries when they run out of power, giving them the flexibility to keep using the device without the need to recharge it. This feature is particularly useful for people who use their cooler frequently and do not want to be tied to a power outlet.

See Below For Instructions on How To Use, What’s Included, and More!ย 

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 10.5 × 6 in



Hold this button to power on and off the unit. To power off hold for 3+ seconds and the unit will power down.โ€‹


By default the temperature is locked so you can accidently change it while on the move. Tap this button to activate the temperature change setting screen. Once the lock button is clicked it will flash the temperature number which means you can now Raise or Lower the temperature. Once you have your desired temperature let it sit for around 3 seconds. The flashing will stop and the unit will starting working toward the new temperature.


After the lock button (#2) is clicked you can use this button to raise the temperature of your unit.โ€‹


After the lock button (#2) is clicked you can use this button to lower the temperature of your unit.โ€‹1


01.ย Easy To Read LCD Screen In Fahrenheit

03. Large Storage For Holding All Size Jars From Baller Jars To Gram Jars.

02. Handle For Easy Transportation

04. 7+ Hour battery Life With Swappable Batteries


Included in the box is::

  • {1} The Baller Fridge
  • {1} Instruction Manual
  • {1} A USB CABLE
  • {1} Lithium Battery
  • {1} Power Adapter for USB Cable For Charging.


Right now there is nothing on the market that can do what the baller fridge can do. I mean look at the capacity of this guy its massive it can hold 2 layers of jars easily! From Big ass baller jars to small gram jars this thing can handle it. We have friends that can fit (2) 4oz Mason jars along with 3 other smaller jars totaling around 9 ounces of material being able to be transported around. Other report they have fit (21) 5ml jars in their units!

Its also a prefect size to carry around you can stash it in the back seat of the car, have it out on your table at your event, the 7 hour battery life is legit. Also being able to by a second or third battery and have them charged and be able to swap them out has been huge for me. I take trips in and out of states and this helps me keep my terps nice and cold during those 90 degree days! Making sure things are nice and tasty when I get home not melted!ย  I have found myself using this more and more on the go. This item def gets peoples attention once they find out what’s in it hahah.

I mean check out the ๐Ÿ“ธ SEE IT IN ACTION and see the storage capabilities!



Why Keeping Concentrates Cold Is A Good Thing:

Concentrates have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their potency and versatility. However, like any other cannabis product, concentrates require proper storage to maintain their potency and quality. One common storage method for concentrates is keeping them cold. In this article, we will explore why keeping concentrates cold is important and what temperatures to keep them at.

Why Keep Concentrates Cold?

The primary reason for keeping concentrates cold is to preserve their potency and flavor. Like all organic materials, cannabis products are subject to degradation over time due to exposure to heat, light, and oxygen. This degradation can cause the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes in the concentrate to decrease, leading to a reduction in potency and flavor.

Keeping concentrates cold can slow down the rate of degradation and preserve the potency and flavor of the concentrate. This is because lower temperatures can slow down the chemical reactions that cause degradation, helping to preserve the quality of the concentrate for a longer period.

Another reason to keep concentrates cold is to prevent them from melting or becoming too sticky. Many concentrates, such as wax, shatter, and crumble, have a tendency to melt or become too sticky when exposed to heat. By keeping them cold, you can prevent them from becoming too sticky or melting, making them easier to handle and use.

What Temperatures to Keep Concentrates At?

The ideal temperature to keep concentrates at varies depending on the type of concentrate. Generally, a temperature range of 32ยฐF to 40ยฐF (0ยฐC to 4ยฐC) is recommended for most concentrates, including wax, shatter, crumble, and budder. This temperature range is just above freezing, which helps to slow down the rate of degradation and preserve the potency and flavor of the concentrate.

It’s important to note that storing concentrates in the freezer is not recommended, as this can cause them to become too brittle and break apart. Instead, it’s best to store them in a refrigerator or a cool, dark place away from heat, light, and moisture.

Keeping concentrates cold is an effective way to preserve their potency, flavor, and texture. By storing your concentrates in a cool, dark place at the appropriate temperature, you can extend their shelf life and ensure a consistent and high-quality experience every time you use them.


Learn more about our first featured artist in the series:: Art By M.E.K.


My name is M.E. Kuzma and Iโ€™m a teaching artist with a background in both studio art and art therapy. I live in Kirtland Ohio with my boyfriend and two dogs. โ€˜Art by MEKโ€™ is my company that I started in 2015 in which I offer painting and multimedia art classes for artistic kids and adults of all abilities and populations. Using a variety of media with a project-based lesson approach, my main goal for classes is to teach the elements of art while highlighting the benefits of creative play and engagement. I keep it positive and humorous while creating meaningful art and connecting with students.

In addition to teaching, I also create a constant flow of original artwork including dog portraits and commissions. Nature is my constant inspiration in my past and current body of work, which is often nature scenes and funny little animals. Although I havenโ€™t entered traditional art shows in years, Iโ€™m always looking for public art opportunities. My artwork, โ€œChagrin River/Steelhead Alleyโ€ is wrapping a signal box right in front of FireStation #2 on Lost Nation Road in Willoughby Ohio. I also have a print on glass, โ€œRainbow Through the Treesโ€ hanging at Summa Health Pride Clinic in Akron, Ohio. My hope is to continue to pursue more public art opportunities in the future. Currently Iโ€™m working to offer eco-friendly products with my art and design on them as well continuing to create original artwork and commissions!

Learn more check out her website:

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