6 Layer Dog Mandala with Magnetic Backing

Elevate your space with our 6 Layer Dog Mandala featuring a magnetic backing. This exceptional piece seamlessly marries the captivating artistry of dog-themed mandalas with the convenience of a magnetic surface. Effortlessly display it on walls or any magnetic-friendly area, allowing you to switch up its location with ease. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a dog lover, or someone who values both aesthetics and practicality, this unique product is the perfect addition to your decor. Celebrate the loyalty and charm of dogs with this multi-layered masterpiece, seamlessly blending art and utility for a truly enchanting addition to any space.


Over 200 Dog Breeds To Choose From. Your Mandal will be glued and magnetics will be added to the backing!

Made In Cleveland Ohio!

*All dogs come in 6 layers the only animal that comes in 4 layers is the Wolf.

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